COVID-19 test
Clarity within 30 minutes.

Do you suspect that you have (had) the coronavirus? We can help you turn this suspicion into certainty. With several tests, we can show whether you are currently carrying the coronavirus or whether you have had the virus in the past. Each test has its characteristics, more information can be found on this page.

If you have been in contact with a corona-infected person, the most important thing is to go into home quarantine, because you can still get sick after the last risk contact. Staying at home reduces the chance of infecting other people if it turns out you are sick. Do you not develop symptoms? Then you can get tested on or after day 5 from the last risk contact. If the test result is negative (no coronavirus is found), the home quarantine can be stopped. In that case, avoid contact with vulnerable people until 10 days after the risk contact. If you work in health care, talk to your employer about whether and when you can go back to work.

Our tests

Combination test

We recommend always combining an antigen and/or PCR test with an antibody test, this allows us to accurately understand each stage of any infection.


Results within 15 minutes
Simple finger prick
Detects neutralizing antibodies
Measures resistance level after vaccination or infection
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Results within 20 minutes
Throat, nasal and nasal cavity swab collection
Detects specific corona protein
Detects acute infection
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Results within 30 minutes
Throat, nasal and nasal cavity swab collection
Detects corona RNA
Detects acute infection
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Our target audiences

Visit us by appointment.

If you want to get tested as a private person, you can request an appointment, we will then schedule you as soon as possible (often the same day).

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Read more about our testing service.

Companies can make arrangements with us to have employees tested as soon as possible. We will endeavor to test the employee the same, to no later than the next, business day.

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Healthcare Professionals
Tools for healthcare.

For healthcare professionals, it is possible to take the tests from us and then administer them themselves. We can also train the staff in administering the tests.

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