Antigen test
Detection of a corona-specific protein

The antigen test is performed by swabbing; with a flocked swab a mucus sample is taken from the throat/cheek. This test shows if a specific COVID-19 protein is present in the throat. The result is known within 15 minutes. The antigen test can be done 2 days before the complaints start.

We use the Abbott Panbio and Nadal antigen tests, which are approved by the RIVM. Positive test results will be forwarded to the GGD. Re-testing at the GGD is not necessary. Your result will be included in the local and national statistics, regardless of the result. The price of an antigen test is € 60,-. We recommend that you combine the antigen test with an antibody test at all times. This way, we can accurately evaluate each phase of a possible infection. The combination of the antigen and antibody test costs €80,-. For the antigen test, you can receive an official (travel) document by name.

Possible test results

Antigen negative

Based on a negative antigen test, no corona-specific antigen was detected indicating infection in the acute infection phase.

Antigen positive

Based on a positive antigen test, you are currently going through the acute phase of corona infection. This means that you are contagious to others. You are currently not employable in your workplace.

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