IgM/IgG antibodies
Via a small finger prick.

The antibodies IgM/IgG test is a serological test performed with a small finger prick. With this test, a small drop of blood is used to determine whether the body has produced antibodies in response to a COVID-19 infection. It takes about 12 minutes before the test result is known. Of course, there has been a lot of research done on these tests, on this page you can find the research results.

We recommend combining the antibody test with a PCR and/or antigen test at all times. This allows us to accurately assess each stage of any infection. The combination of the antibodies and PCR test costs €135,- and the combination of the antibodies and antigen test costs €80,-. If only the antibodies IgM/IgG test is performed it will cost €45,-.

Possible test results

No antibodies

A negative result means that no coronavirus-related antibodies were detected.

IgM positive
Infection experienced; early phase

IgM antibodies are visible as a response to infection from day 5 to 7 after the incubation phase. Antibodies can be detectable for 21 days to months.

IgG positive
Infection passed through; late phase

IgG antibodies are visible as a response to infection from day 7 to 10 after the incubation phase. These antibodies remain detectable weeks to months after infection. These antibodies generally provide a degree of immunity.

IgM & IgG positive
Transition phase

When both antibodies are present, it means moving from the early phase to the passaged phase.

Other Information

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