A Corona testing service for your employees.

Do you have employees with complaints and do you want to know whether they can be deployed? Prevent unnecessary absenteeism by getting clarity immediately through various corona tests. By using our test service you can have your employees tested as soon as they have any complaints. Within 30 minutes after the test, the result is known and you know whether the employee can be deployed.

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About the service

Clarity quickly.

Together we will make arrangements on how you can sign employees up for a test. When one or more employees need to be tested we try to do this on the same day. The result is known within 30 minutes after the test.

Focused on the situation.

What should you do when an employee tests positive? Are you looking for a testing policy, for example, the weekly testing of employees? We can support you in this. Also, with each test result, the advice is issued based on the situation of the person who was tested.

Testing on location
Understanding the employee population.

It is also possible for our team to come to your premises to carry out the tests. For example, a so-called "baseline" measurement can be performed. Here, all or a group of employees are tested using the antibody test. The "baseline measurement" provides insight into whether there are employees who have experienced the virus in the past or whether there are employees who carry the virus unnoticed. It turns out that 25-30% of infected people have no symptoms, under 30 years of age this number grows to 80%.

Digital insight
Your own online environment.

We have developed a digital platform that allows you, as an employer, to view the test results of your employees. Of course, this can be done completely anonymously where necessary. It is important to know whether you currently have employees with an active infection. We support you in determining the policy regarding these kinds of situations. You can keep a close eye on this online.

The possibilities


With an increasing demand for test materials, we advise companies to secure the necessary testing capacity for the company.
If you choose to use consignment we will ensure that the materials are available to you. These materials will be used when a test needs to be taken.

Without consignment
per test

If you choose not to use consignment, when you sign an employee up for a test we will have them tested as soon as possible. We advise companies to take test materials on consignment to avoid the test materials being out of stock.

Possibility test depending on stock
Aim to test within 48 hours
Business online environment

With consignment
per test

By choosing consignment you have the assurance that the test materials are in stock. You order the test materials in advance and they will be used when needed. When an employee is tested, a purchase and consultation fee applies. We strive to test within 48 hours.

Test materials secured
Aim to test within 48 hours
Business online environment

VNO-NCW Test Collective
per test

Companies join forces within the VNO-NCW Test Collective. Within this collective, we ensure that employees can be tested within 24 hours, guaranteed. Several test locations are also used to limit the travel time as much as possible.

Test materials secured
Guaranteed tested within 24 hours
Business online environment

Our tests

Combination test

We recommend always combining an antigen and/or PCR test with an antibody test, this allows us to accurately understand each stage of any infection.


Results within 15 minutes
Simple finger prick
Detects neutralizing antibodies
Measures resistance level after vaccination or infection
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Results within 20 minutes
Throat, nasal and nasal cavity swab collection
Detects specific corona protein
Detects acute infection
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Results within 30 minutes
Throat, nasal and nasal cavity swab collection
Detects corona RNA
Detects acute infection
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